Monday, July 14, 2008

Pimp much?

The mayor of Nice held a press conference where he held up the birf certificates of the new Brangelina twins. They were born on Saturday, July 12 in Nice, France. Too bad they couldn't wait two more days for Bastille Day and for the b-day of yours truly. Oh well. Anyhoo, the mayor presented Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline their French birf certificates. Here he is holding up their papers and enjoying the publicity a little too much.


Anonymous said...

what do you mean "honorary"? they're "actual" since they're born there, aren't they?


htbw said...

I guess Brad and Angelina seem to be subsribers the the "Everything sounds better in French" Theory.
After all, would they get 14 Million for "Smelly diapers"?

With all the things going on it is kinda sickening that so much money is getting tossed at pictures. Either way, at least the money is apparently going to charity. For those who want to see the Brangelina Twins pictures, visit Aside from a few harmless ads, the link is safe.