Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How tiny is that baby gon' be???

Holy crap, Nikki Kidman is due at the end of this month and her belly is tiny. THIS month, people, as in J-U-L-Y. Man, my belly was that size at, like, 6 months. By the 8th/9th month, it was gigantic. Bizarre.


Anonymous said...

chicks should never have big bellies, even while pregnant.

just kidding, your big buddha belly was glorious :)


Anonymous said...

My mother-in-law loooved to tell me how when she was pregnant with my husband, she only gained 13 pounds. That's what I gained in the first trimester!
I only gained 26 w/Josh, and 21 w/Dan. And both times my belly was BIG and I LOVED it.
Maybe Nicole Kidman will also have a 5 lb, 6 oz. baby with massive breathing problems as an infant. Just a thought.