Thursday, June 26, 2008

The best gift

Being a pumping mom myself, this story really touched me. My goal was for Mika to drink breast milk exclusively and so far, so good. Because I didn't know how it would be, my original goal was to get to three months. Then I set my sights on six. Now I want to go at least a year. Thank goodness for storage bags and deep freezers.

Every two weeks since early September 2007, young Silas Bohl has received a special package from halfway around the world. His mother, Capt. Ginger Bohl, is deployed with the Air Force in Afghanistan. The packages contain 30 to 40 pounds of frozen breast milk that travels in a convoluted, globe-trotting shipping route from the war zone to the Bohls' home. [Go San Angelo]

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Anonymous said...

I thought if you have a baby you can get out of deployment.

There's too much breast milk, we're running out of room in the house!